2023 Girls Basketball Tournament

 The Crescent City Jaycees are hosting the Crescent Elk Girls Basketball Tournament again this year. The dates for the Tournament are December 8th & 9th, 2023. We are planning a division (AA, A, B and C), 8 teams per division, tournament.

We have changed our tournament registration process.  We will mail out letters to all schools in our database.  Each letter has a unique, randomly generated security code on it, as well as a link to our website.  Click on the link below to get to our tournament portal and get your school registered.  Have your code ready!


Call Julie at (415) 359-7587 for your code, or if you have any questions

As you go through and add/update your contact, photo, photo ID, roster and won/loss information, you can click on the "Status" tab to see how you are progressing.  Please fill out the information as completely as possible to ensure your participation.

More details pertaining to this event will be posted as they become available.  Please check back.