Web Administrator

Linda Taber

“…service to humanity is the best work of life!”

This is the last line of The Jaycee Creed and it speaks volumes. I think it is so important to give back in whatever way we can to our community. We may not be able to give money or resources, but if it is important enough to us we will find the time. I am a full-time college student, full-time teacher, step-parent and fiancé. It is easy to say I don’t have the time, and there are circumstances where we need to say no. However, this work is important to me. Volunteering with the Jaycees brings joy and purpose to my life in ways I never thought I needed. I enjoy giving my time! I have fun! I meet new people, form new networking connections, and grow as a person through each opportunity the Jaycees offer me.

I have been a part of The Crescent City Jaycees since 2009. I have held board positions as individual Development Vice President, Secretary and now Web Administrator. I have learned skills that I have used often in my every day life through learning to navigate these positions.

In my day to day life I teach 5th grade and spend time with my little family. I love to take drives along the beach or river and play my music loud enough to drowned out my singing along! I enjoy cooking and baking for friends as much as possible and crafting when I get the chance.

I challenge you to get involved and join this adventure with us! It is an incredibly rewarding experience if you take advantage of it.